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Muslim distribution map

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Glossary from Waines’ Introduction to Islam:


Resources for Classical Islamic Studies topics (all citation information is either noted or can be found in the margins of the publication):

a review of the debate on Islamic origins and Qur’anic origins: Steenbrink-2010-Origins

another review of the scholarship on the origins of the Qur’an, in Journal of Qur’anic Studies, vol 5 no 1 (April 2003):Quran-and-History-Neuwirth

Introduction to Gunther Luling’s A Challenge to Islam for Reformation Luling_intro

All of Gabriel Reynolds’ edited volume on The Qur’an in its Historical Context:

One of Reynolds’ articles: Reynolds_presentation of Christianity in the Qur’an

Kevin van Bladel’s article, “Heavenly cords and prophetic authority in the Qur’an and its Late Antique context”:

van Bladel_heavenly cords

on early Christian sources for the Mary story in the Qur’an: Shoemaker_christmas in the Qur’an

Jeremy Johns, “Archaeology and the History of Early Islam”: johns_archaeology and history of early islam

Nicolai Sinai, “When did the consonantal skeleton of the Qur’an reach closure?”: part I: Sinai, Nicolai (2014) When did the consonantal skeleto (1)

part II:Sinai, Nicolai (2014) When did the consonantal skelet

Estelle Whelan, “Forgotten Witnesses: evidence for the early codification of the Qur’an”: Whelan_evidence for early codification of the Quran

on medieval education and social networks of ulema: Berkey_madrasas

a review of developments in hadith studies including summaries of Goldziher, Schacht, Juynboll, Motzki, and Brown: Reinhart_hadith studies in 21st c annotated

extracts from Behnam Sadeghi’s The Logic of Law Making in Islam Sadeghi_Logic of Law Making extract

Christopher Melchert’s book chapter, “Whether to Keep Women out of the Mosque”

Melchert_Whether to keep women out of the mosque

on diversity/local law in medieval Islamic law Tiller_local judges


Resources for Historical and Sociological Topics:

Sexual minorities:

Bucar and Shirazi_the invention of lesbian acts in iran

Women/hujum campaign:

Levin_Khujum campaign uzbekistan and jewish women of bukhara

edgar_empancipation of the unveiled


Kamp_gender realities and income uzbekistan



University of Maryland Global Terrorism database:

global terrorism index 2011

1970-2014 terrorist activity

1970-2014 terrorist activityterror attacks 2012 univ of maryland

Doran_the pragmatic fanaticism of al-qaeda

Gambhir_Dabiq Backgrounder

Pham_dangerous pragmatism of al-qaeda in the maghrib

Philips_terrorist group brutality

Zelin_war between ISIS and al-qaeda ResearchNote_20

klausen_tweeting the jihad

Picart_jihad cool jihad chic

RAND_social science for counterterrorism chapter 5 covers various applications of rational choice theory

perry and hasisi_rational choice rewards

a Master’s thesis that covers a history of the field and approaches to studying terrorism: 05-May-2015-Capstone-Tweeting-Terror-Matthew-Pezzulo

a NY Times article on some of the economics of al-Qaeda in the Maghreb: Callimachi_Paying Ransoms, Europe Bankrolls Qaeda Terror – NYTimes

Whiteside_The Islamic State and the Return of Revolutionary Warfare

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